Hail Damage Board Up

Hail Damage Board Up in Virginia Beach & Chesapeake, VA

Although gentle rains can seem soothing, a thunderstorm that produces hail is an entirely different matter. The damaging droplets of frosted rain that fall during a hailstorm can destroy your home or commercial property in a matter of minutes. When that happens to your property in Chesapeake, Fort Eustis, Hampton, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, and other cities within our Virginia service area, the company to contact is 757 Board Up.

To provide emergency board-up services that will protect your hail-damaged property, be sure to reach out to our certified crews that are standing by on a 24/7/365 basis to assist in your hour of need. At 757 Board Up, we offer you high-quality board-up services for both residential and commercial properties in the wake of hail damage. To learn more, call us 757-775-6911 or click here to make an appointment for non-emergency services. We also handle wind damage and tree damage as part of our storm damage board-up efforts.

Common Property Damages Caused by Hail in Chesapeake & Hampton

Common Property Damages Caused by Hail
  • Roof Damage: Being your home’s first defense against a hailstorm, your roof takes most of the punishment. Lost or displaced shingles that create roof leaks are the most common type of damage. That is why you should call us immediately call for roof damage restoration services.
  • Window Damage: Broken glass from window panes, skylights, and doors are one of the first general property harm caused by large hailstones.
  • Siding Damage: Hailstones that crack or damage your siding cause leaks that can lead to structural damage. Hail can also remove the paint and leave the wood beneath, unprotected if you do not have siding.
  • Water Damage: Losing shingles and shattered windows during a severe storm can create flooding and water damage in your house.
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If a passing hailstorm has damaged your building contact us right away. We are a certified, professional, and fully-equipped company in the business of boarding up buildings since 1999. We help you secure your home or commercial property from any damage by a hurricane.

Rely on 757 Board Up to Clean Up Your Home Following a Hail Storm in Norfolk & Portsmouth

Among the many reasons to choose 757 Board Up during a storm-damage emergency, some of the best reasons include:

  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Immediate dispatch and team arrival within two hours
  • Certified technicians
  • Local contractor with nationwide support
  • We treat your property as if it's our own.

When you are ready to schedule your service call, give us a ring at 757-775-6911 to learn more or you can simply click here to make an appointment today. We serve customers in Chesapeake, Fort Eustis, Hampton, Norfolk, PortsmouthVirginia Beach, and other cities throughout Virginia.

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