Mold Inspection in Virginia Beach & Chesapeake, VA

Problems with mold in the house or workplace can threaten not only the building's integrity but also the occupants' health. A thorough mold inspection is the first step in fixing a building that has been infested with mold. If you want to hire professionals to remove mold from your home, here is the way to go about it. Depending on the type of mold present, it may be necessary to use a variety of different remediation techniques to completely eradicate the problem.

Over the years, the crews at 757 Board Up have become the gold standard for providing mold remediation services in Portsmouth, Hampton, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and other cities within our service area. Mold is a known health threat to individuals and major structural damage to buildings when left unchecked. In order to find out if mold is present in your home, you should have a mold inspection done. Call us at 757-775-6911 or contact us online now to get mold-related services.

Employ a Qualified Professional for Mold Inspections

Every mold remediation procedure should begin with a thorough mold inspection. Find a mold inspector in Virginia who has the proper certifications. In most cases, the mold inspector will pay you a visit to your home or place of business to discuss the problem and discover the source of the infestation. Here, the inspector will make use of sophisticated instruments including fiber optic cameras and moisture detectors.

One of these gadgets is a leak detector. This tool is useful for locating plumbing leaks that aren't immediately obvious. After reviewing the entire report, a mold inspector can determine if mold remediation is necessary. Next, hand things over to the trained professionals at 757 Board Up!

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The experts at 757 Board Up have a number of desirable qualities, and those traits are all good reasons to consider working with them. The followings are just a few of them.

Besides mold inspection service, we also offer other services including mold decontamination, black mold remediation, HVAC mold removal, and many more. Call us now at 757-775-6911 to get our services 24/7.

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