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Mold Removal for Ceiling Leak Damage in Virginia Beach, VA

A ceiling leak might be due to unsuspecting storm damage or trouble in your attic. Whatever the reason, water damage in your ceiling may encourage mold growth & further mold damage. When you notice water in your ceiling, 757 Board-Up can help you mitigate the water damage. Regardless, if you have mold from water leak in your ceiling, our IICRC-certified team has the expertise to remediate & eliminate mold from your household. Our qualified mold specialists are available 24/7 in Bayview, Hampton, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, & other nearby areas in Virginia.

757 Board-Up is a fully certified & licensed mold remediation company that specializes in mold removal & decontamination services. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to test, inspect, & remediate mold. Mold greatly affects indoor air quality, but we have the resources to make your home’s environment healthy again. Give us a call NOW at 757-775-6911 for emergency mold removal services, or click here to schedule an appointment.

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24/7 Emergency Mold Remediation in Bayview & Hampton

The attic & ceiling are typical places where mold may grow as heavy storms make cracks or openings in the roof. As it rains, water enters and allows mold to grow. This mold will gradually decay (feed on) organic materials in your attic, such as structural wood. Hence, the moment you spot water damage or signs of mold growth in your ceiling, contact 757 Board-Up for emergency mold remediation services

Services we offer include:

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Indoor mold growth is a serious problem and should be addressed immediately. Otherwise, the mold will continue to damage the internal structures of your home, resulting in even costlier repairs. Additionally, your family may soon begin to face mold health hazards. Therefore, our highly-skilled mold experts are standing ready round the clock to help you. We have the expertise to remove mold caused by water leaks in ceilings permanently. Call us at 757-775-6911 or contact us online for effective mold remediation services in Virginia Beach & surrounding areas.

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