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Insurance Claim Assistance in Virginia Beach & Portsmouth, VA

Fires incidents come with destructive forces and scorch everything black. To make sure that you survive financially after a fire, it’s important that you have enough fire insurance coverage. You need to file a claim covering all the details of the damages, including a lot of paperwork, and wait for your request to be processed.

With our help, you will have the highest probability of your claim being approved. 757 Board Up works directly with your insurance company to get you the right reward for your claim. We prepare a detailed report and comprehensive fire insurance claim to get the maximum reimbursement allowed under the terms of your policy. Get in touch with our professional team TODAY! Call us at 757-775-6911 or click here to schedule an appointment. 

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Insurance Claim Billed Directly to Your Insurance Provider

We provide direct insurance billing, meaning all the necessary documents are billed directly to your insurance provider. Our experienced team assesses the damages and evaluates what repairs must be done and the correct cost for it. You won’t have to sweat a muscle when our specialists are looking over the process. By providing complete and accurate documents to your insurance provider, there will be no delays in processing your claim. We work with most insurance companies to file your insurance claim for our restoration services while we are on-site to complete the job.

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Fire Damage Restoration Services

We offer affordable & reliable fire damage restoration services and have been providing excellent services for more than 2 decades. Our fire damage restoration services include:

Contact 757 Board Up to Help With Your Insurance Claim

Let 757 Board Up help you during your tough times. We will handle your insurance claim so that you can focus on other more important aspects. Call us before you call your insurance company, and we will ensure that you get properly rewarded according to your insurance coverage. We serve Chesapeake, Hampton, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, and other nearby areas in Virginia. Call now at 757-775-6911 for professional insurance claim assistance.

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